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Books and Tees

Science Fiction with Attitude


Fantastic Escapes

Are you ready to embark on fantastic science fiction adventures that will take you on epic journeys through space? Imagine immersing yourself in high-stakes space opera books or taking the helm of a sleek, high-tech sci-fi racing craft. Picture escaping Earth on a spaceship with the enigmatic Captain Rasputin, exploring new worlds, encountering Martians, and witnessing breathtaking space battles.

Space Tees

Show Some Attitude

My attitude-infused space t-shirts will let you show off your love for galactic escapades and express your daring spirit. Say goodbye to boring looks and embrace the thrill of the unknown. Because deep down, you know the universe contains endless possibilities.

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Give Me Some Space T-Shirt (red) - ROCK FORSBERG
Catastrophe T-Shirt - ROCK FORSBERG