• The Racer

    An Antigravity Racing Short Story.
    A gifted sixteen-year-old antigravity racer gets an opportunity to rise to the global league, but when the competition gets dirty, he must learn that there's more to success than running fast on the track.

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  • Spit City Hustle

    A Shades Space Opera Short Story.

    Tristram Boxley, a disgraced captain of the Dawn Alliance Navy, struggles to make a living as a bouncer, until a late-night encounter opens an opportunity to become a bounty hunter.

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  • The Martian Queen

    A new short story set in the year 2367 in the Blessed Ones universe. The Martian queen's clandestine trip to Earth with a mystical captain won't be as clandestine as she had hoped.


    Coming after summer 2022