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Rock Forsberg



Shades Space Opera #1

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A flat-broke captain. A deadly cosmic device. It's his time to save the universe.

Tredd Bounty's life hasn't been the same since he was kicked out of the Navy. And bouncing between shady jobs and risky missions barely keeps a roof over his head. So when he picks up a rich gig to capture a deadly device that could tear the stars apart, he keeps his incredible power at the ready: the ability to stop time itself…

With his eccentric team of misfits by his side, Tredd flies up against an old sweetheart, a vindictive former commander, and a shadowy force racing toward the same artifact. As they hunt for the extreme weapon, the captain uncovers a dangerous secret that could send them crashing into a fiery supernova. It's a good thing Tredd isn't the only one with hidden abilities.

Can Tredd reach the device in time to save the galaxy?

Starcrasher is the first book in the exhilarating Shades Space Opera series. If you like gritty heroes, alien encounters, and paranormal powers, then you'll love Rock Forsberg's action-packed novel.

Print length: 538 pages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Isak Brits
For the love of svf

The story is really good in the future of your life and you have right it so beautiful that you can't put the book down. Thank you for a great story.

Tom Tuttle
Non-stop Action

Could not put this one down. Bounty hunters, gunfights and space battles. Doomsday devices, intrigue and deception. The Story took paths that I never saw coming. Can't wait for the next episode. ROCK ON.

Excellent story and character development

Extremely good universe building. Attention to detail was excellent. One of my top 5 books read for 2022. Highly recommend the read. (Reviewed at

Matthew W Seniff
A delightful gift to readers

I received this book at no charge.
This book has continuous action sometimes fast and wild sometimes slower and informative. The characters are well designed and developed during the story as needed. This makes for a book that is enjoyable and hard to put down. The author obviously loves the story and characters he has created. I found myself feeling happy there are more books in the series continuing this story. I highly recommend this book to any reader. (Reviewed at

Kristin Trappitt
Enjoyable reading

Good story and characters. Longest read for a while so value is definitely there. Hopefully the rest of the series follows suit. (Reviewed at