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The Entrant


Young adult science fiction adventure set in the fast-moving world of antigravity racing.

The ARL race craft run on sonic speeds just a few metres from the track and race massive rollercoaster circuits all across the galaxy. It is the biggest sport under the federation.

Zane Silvering, the son of an ARL legend, races in a local antigravity league and dreams of making it big in the galaxy.

On his eighteenth birthday, after being kicked out of his team, an ARL team offers him a position as a substitute of a substitute. Despite the warning signs, he seizes the opportunity, and boards a massive spaceship, the mobile base of a team competing for the galactic championship.

But the life of an ARL racer isn't as easy as he thought. The craft are raw and powerful, the competition relentless—also inside his team—and the game sometimes gets dirty. Just to get to race, he has to beat some of the galaxy's best racers.

And there's more to the team than racing: a group of them run secret missions for the enigmatic owner. Soon Zane works the night-shift as their getaway pilot.

When the day and night jobs meet, he must step out of his father’s shadow, and race, not only for the glory, but for his life.

If you like underdog stories, awe-inspiring galactic trekking, and high-adrenaline racing, The Entrant will keep you strapped to your seat until the finish line.

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Print length: 340 pages
Audiobook length: 9 hrs 39 minutes digitally narrated
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The Entrant


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Rock Forsberg

Rock loves awe-inspiring stories and writes to create epic worlds and stories of his own. He has also written songs, poems, and short stories, both in English and in Finnish. For him, writing is a long game, with a lifetime of learning and dozens of novels to write.

"I hope you will find the same awe in reading this book as I found writing it."


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I strive to deliver the best product possible, but it's impossible to be objective about one's own work, so the editorial support is vital.

The quality of my prose wouldn't be what it is without my editors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Trevor O'Brien
Great book

Enjoyed the book. Keep up the great work and I will keep reading and reviewing them. Trevor from Peterborough Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

William Gibson
Enjoyable reading

Enjoyed the story line and characters. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Thanks Rock... Keep them coming! (Reviewed at

Sci-fi guy
Worth the read 📚 more than racing.

Well paced with twists and turns beyond the racing. Zane is a likable character and worth checking out! (Reviewed at

Emily Pennington
Not What It Seems

Zane Silvering, the son of an ARL legend, races in a local antigravity league and dreams of making it big in the galaxy. But at 18, he was kicked off his team. He accepted an ARL team offer as a substitute of a substitute. But tings are not what he expected. Some of the team run secret missions for the owner, and Zane is now working the night-shift as their getaway pilot. When his day and night jobs clash, he needs to find a way to break away. Can he? Or has he put himself in imminent danger? (Reviewed at

Nicola Hancock
Can’t wait to read the second of this series. 

Firstly I have to say this cover completely made me want to read this. It had me travelling back to being a kid and playing those old school space shooting games. Anyway just had to mention that…

This is a sci fi read. The book completely transports you to another world. When you think of Formula One racing this is a whole new level, completely transformed into teams of robot helpers etc. The names of the teams took a bit of getting used to though but I was so transfixed into every page I was reading. Every sound you hear every rumble you feel.

The book gives you an emotional introduction before heading into six years later. You follow Zane and his dreams and the book takes you on a fast paced adventure. It’s full of races and action that leave you with Adrenalin pumping through your veins. This book was like no other I read before. It’s a coming of age story that truly evidences your dreams can be achieved even when racing through the galaxy.

Can’t wait to read the second of this series. It’s made me want to explore more from this author and additionally read the shades space opera series also. (Reviewed at

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