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Rock Forsberg

Captain Rasputin: the Martian Succession

Captain Rasputin: the Martian Succession

Captain Rasputin Novel

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An Earth politician disappears on Luna. A young woman misses her man. An old mystic appears on a spaceship.

Ava Levin seems to have it all: the face, the body, the beach house, and the revered husband.

But when her love disappears on Luna under suspicious circumstances, everything else loses its meaning. Determined to find him, she defies the interplanetary travel restrictions and boards an illegal space flight with an eccentric mystic, Rasputin.

Unlike Earth, space is a perilous place even without the militant Lunar police, shady underground organisations, and armed-to-teeth Martian warships. To survive, Ava must learn to trust herself, even if every step closer to her husband is a step deeper into the unknown.

On the eve of the biggest seizure of power in the millennia, she must make a tough choice and face her destiny . . . or risk a war that could kill billions.

If you’re looking for a space adventure with a touch of the fantastic, and you got the guts to fly with Rasputin, this is the ride to take.

Print length: 310 pages
Audiobook length: 7 hrs 51 minutes digitally narrated
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
With Earth, Luna, Mars, and a mega obsession for control, there is plenty for a rollicking story

Ava Levin has learned that her husband Lachlan Levin, Earth Council's representative to Luna, has been abducted. Ava wants to find her husband. Ava contacts her late fathers' friend, Rasputin, a disheveled and bearded gentleman who is particularly good at getting people to do his bidding and just happens to have a spaceship ready to whisk Ava to Luna.

Space travel is easy in the 24th century. Politics is still mankind's drug of choice at least for the rich and well-connected. At this time, all people are descendants of humans born on earth. Mars has developed a regal monarchy with a powerful Queen. Luna is much more than a mere earth colony; there should be no surprise that smuggling continues to be an important time-honored art.

Be aware that some people have special abilities. You will learn how things are not always what they seem; some magical abilities can affect the balance.

There is a swashbuckling nature to this tale; you will see people switch allegiances unexpectedly. Only at the end will you understand the who and how of a convoluted scheme to upset the order of the universe. Along the way, you will be in the room where people are murdered by firearms only to fully recover. There is no way that people who are "spaced" (tossed out of an airlock) usually can't be found again. As a front-line witness of these actions ... well you really need to pick up this science fiction adventure and see for yourself. You will be drawn in.

Victor Larsen
Good read

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book

A really good read

Plenty of action from start to finish. Manipulation, lies, deceipt and not knowing what's real and who to trust. Plenty of twists and good humour. Loved reading every minute of it. I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily leave an honest review.

Matt Seniff
A really great read

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author has done a good job of balancing character development, world building and plot to create a story that flows off the page and into the reader’s imagination smoothly. It was difficult to put down between reading sessions. I also found myself a little sad to reach the end of the book it came soon. Hopefully there will be other stories involving Captain Rasputin and his fellow characters. I recommend this book with no reservations.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Victor Larsen
Captain R

I really enjoyed the book. It caught me by surprise the way the plot twisted and turned the further I read.
I enjoyed reading and will read more of your books. Thanks for the escape for a little time.