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Rock Forsberg



Shades Space Opera #3

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There's no front-line. There's nowhere to hide. How do you fight that?

Jill Faith has given away her superhuman powers for freedom on a paradise beach.

But when thousands of mysterious black spots appear all over the inhabited galaxy, foreboding a dark invasion, Jill realises her mistake. To get back her powers, she has to face her old enemies.

Meanwhile, the ancient evil has grown more powerful than ever, and when the dark universe bleeds over, it happens everywhere. There's no front-line. There's nowhere to hide. 

With the Dawn Alliance Navy crippled, the fate of humanity rests on people like Jill and her motley crew of allies.

Starbearer is the epic conclusion of the exhilarating Shades Space Opera series.

If you like glorious heroines, alien encounters, and paranormal powers, then you'll love this action-packed novel.

Buy Starbearer to join the fight for the universe now!

Print length: 474 pages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Five Stars

Starbearer is the final instalment of the Shades Space Opera Series. It continues the story of Tredd, Jill, Evie, and other characters introduced in the previous books.

I think this is the most well-written book in the series. Especially, the story is tighter and even more engaging than in the previous books. (Reviewed at

Wu Wei (Maggi Lunde)
Starbearer is a Deliciously Complex and Fast-paced Novel

The first 2 books of the Shades Space Opera were terrific but Starbearer has surpassed them. This space adventure, which take place on and among far-distant planets, is more complex and detailed, and the tension increases as the story progresses. The characters learn more about themselves, and their relationships to each other become more intense. Then the pace of the story picked up until I was turning the pages faster and faster in order to find out what was happening next. Eventually they learn that teamwork is essential for success. Jill discovers even more about herself, and then along with Gus, Evie, Henning, Sofia, Berossus, Tredd, the Shades, and others, they are all locked in battles of good and evil. I cannot tell you the details but I will say that if you like suspense, thrillers, and science fiction, you will love this fast-paced book.

If you have never read the first 2 books, Starcrasher and Stardreamer, it is a great idea to read them in sequence, especially since many of us are living and working at home these days. (Reviewed at

Amazon Customerr
Rollicking sci-fi awesomeness which ties up the series with a bang!

For me this is definitely the best of the Shades Space Opera series. Love all the storylines that come together, the depth of the story and the general on the edge of your seat fun you have while reading it. Kind of sorry it's the last in the series so will be looking forward to the next novel from Rock Forsberg! Definitely recommend getting hold of this novel or even better the whole series! (Reviewed at