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Crooked Stars - ROCK FORSBERG
Crooked Stars - ROCK FORSBERG
Crooked Stars - ROCK FORSBERG
Crooked Stars - ROCK FORSBERG

Crooked Stars


They took away his sight, his hearing, his feeling, and his body. But he got to keep his brain—a fully operational CPU with a nerfed IO.

Daler Tait is the youngest of three sons of a mining mogul on a desert planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. He has big ambitions and little patience, but to please his parents, he plans to apply to the Academy of Virtuous Knowledge.

But when his father is murdered, his plans crumble like sandcastles. Daler swears to find the killer and avenge his father. He seeks help from a galactic criminal organisation and is soon light-years from home, growing up by learning the ways of the underworld.

Soon there's blood on the sand, blood in the vacuum of space, and blood on his hands.

As the years go by, the ghosts of his the past grow stronger. On the verge of paranoia, with little to win and the universe to lose, he must face his ultimate tormentor.

Sometimes death isn’t the worst outcome.

Crooked Stars takes you on a fantastic ride across the galaxy, from dry sands of Runcor, via the stillness of Poorelline Nebula, to the smut of Spit City.

If you like shady folks on galactic escapades, you’ll love this thought-provoking novel.

Buy Crooked Stars to enter the galactic underworld today!

Print length: 260 pages


I am Daler Tait, a head in a box.

They took away my sight, my hearing, my feeling, and my body. But I got to keep my brain—a fully operational CPU with a nerfed IO.

Stored in a small box deep inside a monolith of a building in Spit City, I serve a sentence—of how long, I don't know. I could remain here forever.

I never thought it would come to this. I am a reputable businessman, but the law seems to think otherwise. The law—what a joke! FIST won the battle for Spit City, so they get to decide. 

For sure, I’ve done my share of wrongs, but that’s all history, and nothing to do with why they locked me up. It’s not because of what I did, but what they think I know. 

I'm bored out of my mind alone in this existence. I have no company, no dialogue, and no entertainment. My thoughts are my only reality. They say people lose their minds in this state, but I’m still sane. Maybe.

It doesn’t matter much anymore. It is difficult to tell how long I’ve been here. I cannot measure time, nor have I news from outside the box. I only know I haven’t always been here, because I remember. 

I remember being a child in Runcor. I remember my parents and my brothers. I remember my girl, Tiana, and I remember how we rebuilt my father’s empire. I remember it all.

My memories are all I’ve got— 


That was the jolt again.

The shock tells my wetware to focus, to remind me of my condition. The nerfed IO has this one-way shock tube that every three hours pings a stroke of pain to the insides of my cranium. It makes it impossible for me to drift off into a long, peaceful sleep in my otherwise numb darkness.

Now that I know I'm awake, let me take the path into my memory, and start from the beginning, like I’ve done many times already. Every time makes it a bit easier, and that’s why I feel I’m on the cusp of finding something new, something that I might have missed, and something that will change everything. 

I feel like the poet, who wanted to be alone but needed company. As if I have the choice. It’s all here.


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Crooked Stars


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Rock Forsberg

Rock loves awe-inspiring stories and writes to create epic worlds and stories of his own. He has also written songs, poems, and short stories, both in English and in Finnish. For him, writing is a long game, with a lifetime of learning and dozens of novels to write.

"I hope you will find the same awe in reading this book as I found writing it."


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I strive to deliver the best product possible, but it's impossible to be objective about one's own work, so the editorial support is vital.

The quality of my prose wouldn't be what it is without my editors.

Customer Reviews

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William Gibson
Star Crusher series

Very well written with just enough twists in the plot. Enjoyable story line and character development. Thanks Rock.