What I’m doing now

This is a 'now' page—a response to the question "so, what are you up to?" This is how I'm spending my time now. 

Updated February 23rd, 2023, from Helsinki.

My writing priority is The Elite, Antigravity Racing League #3

I'm editing the third book in the Antigravity Racing League series. If all goes well, the book is coming out this year. On the side, I have a few short story ideas I'm exploring. 

Working as a Business Designer

To remedy my creative pursuits (and to provide steady income) I work as a business designer, to help our clients to build better products and services for uncertain futures. And vice versa, hoping to remedy that work with writing.

Keeping Fit

I find myself engage in physical activities more these days because I get energy from it. Usually I've one day off, but the others have either gym, yoga, or other sports like tennis, running or trekking. 

Meeting People and Friends

After spending too much time typing in front of the computer, first because of Covid-19 and then because I was a writer, I'm now wanting to overcompensate by focusing on spending more time with old and new friends. Ping me for a lunch / coffee / drinks / cultural invite, if you're in Helsinki!

Imitating Slash

I still have the Telecaster tuned down half a step and practicing playing Sweet Child o' Mine, November Rain, Don't Cry, Estranged, and the likes… I just love the guitar melodies on those songs—they take me back to the teenage years when I had more hair and less experience.

Living in Helsinki, Finland

At the moment I'm settled with my family in Helsinki, where my son goes to school. Moving to Australia is never far on the planning horizon, but at the moment I have no immediate plans of moving.