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What I’m doing now

This is a 'now' page—a response to the question "so, what are you up to?" This is how I'm spending my time now. 

Updated February 2, 2024, from Helsinki.

My writing priority is Starshipping 

I write every morning. Currently, I'm writing the book that's an amalgamation of Star Trek and The Love Boat. On the side, I have a few short stories I'm exploring, along with the occasional poem. 

Meeting people

I'm looking to meet up with writer colleagues, I'm curious about trying out new social concepts, and am always happy to meet old and new friends, and potential co-conspirators. Ping me for a lunch / coffee / drinks / cultural events, if you're in Helsinki!

Supple strength 

To keep this middle-aged body young, I'm doing strength training and yoga (ashtanga, vinyasa flow) both three times a week, and adding some random movement like tennis, badminton, running or trekking. To keep my mind supple and strong, I also meditate and journal.

Imitating Hetfield

I'm practicing Metallica's songs on the guitar, just the feel the raw strength of the sound, of Master of Puppets, For Whom the Bells Toll, Seek & Destroy, etc… I just love the power of those songs—they take me back to the teenage years when I had more hair and less experience.

Living in Helsinki, Finland

At the moment I'm settled with in Helsinki, where my son goes to school. Moving to Australia is never far on the planning horizon, but at the moment, I have no immediate plans of moving.