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10th weekly video blog: Captain Rasputin teaser blurb

10th weekly video blog: Captain Rasputin teaser blurb - ROCK FORSBERG

This time a quick video in the car, talking about making these videos and presenting the teaser blurb for Captain Rasputin: The Martian Succession. Please ignore my less than ideal lighting and shirt conditions :)

Here's the blurb: 


An Earth politician disappears on Luna. A young model misses her husband. An old mystic appears on a spaceship.

Ava Levin has it all: a career in modelling, a luxurious beach house, and a rich and powerful husband.

But when her husband disappears on Luna under suspicious circumstances, everything else loses its meaning. Determined to find him, she defies the interplanetary travel restrictions and boards an illegal space flight with an eccentric mystic, Rasputin.

Unlike Earth, space is a perilous place even without the militant Lunar police, shady underground organisations, rebel factions, and Martian warships. Outside the comfort of the Earth’s gravity, Ava must learn to trust herself, even if every step closer to her husband is a step deeper into the unknown.

When she arrives in the secret hideout, she must face the reality, even if she’s unwilling to accept it. In the eve of the biggest political coup of the millennia, she must make a tough choice, and become who she is destined to be . . . or risk a war that could kill billions.

If you’re looking for a space adventure with a touch of the fantastic, and you got the guts to fly with Rasputin, this is the ride to take.


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