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Feeling bored?

Escape to the stars right now.


Sci-Fi Readers' One Week Getaway

Tired of the everyday grind? Longing for a break that's out of this world?

This is your ticket to escape

Experience the thrill of exploration with two epic novels—Starcrasher and The Entrant—each a gripping adventure in its own right, and get lost in the narratives of two related short stories, Spit City Hustle and The Entrant.

That's a cosmic collection totalling 1,000 pages of pure science fiction escapism!

This extraordinary bundle is your passport to a week-long escape from reality, or perhaps even longer, depending on your reading abilities.

Enjoy not only the ebooks but also the audiobook versions of each story, allowing you to transcend reality whether you're reading or on the go.

These books are valued at $22.98, and now they're yours absolutely FREE.

Hailing from the Nordics, I understand the winter blues all too well. What better way to combat the chill than to soar through the cosmos?

As an author, I want to share my stories with as many as possible. This trip has no hangovers or side effects—just the exhilarating rush of exploring new worlds.

Read on about the included books, or click the button below to claim your free escape bundle.

Your intergalactic escape awaits—grab it now!