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Sci-Fi Readers' Getaway Bundle

Embark on a Galactic Getaway with Free Sci-Fi Adventures!


Sci-Fi Readers' One Week Getaway

Tired of the everyday grind? Longing for a break that's out of this world? Look no further!

This is your ticket to escape

Experience the thrill of exploration with two epic novels—Starcrasher and The Entrant—each a gripping adventure in its own right, and get lost in the narratives of two related short stories, Spit City Hustle and The Entrant.

That's a cosmic collection totalling 1,000 pages of pure science fiction escapism!

This extraordinary bundle is your passport to a week-long escape from reality, or perhaps even longer, depending on your reading abilities.

What you will get

I'm not just handing you a ticket; I'm gifting you an entire escape pod!

Enjoy not only the ebooks but also the audiobook versions of each story, allowing you to transcend reality whether you're reading or on the go.

These books are valued at $22.98, and now they're yours absolutely FREE.

Why I'm offering this

Hailing from the Nordics, I understand the winter blues all too well. What better way to combat the chill than to soar through the cosmos?

As an author, I want to share my stories with as many as possible. This trip has no hangovers or side effects—just the exhilarating rush of exploring new worlds.

Ready for Liftoff?

Read on about the included books, or click the button below to claim your free escape bundle.

Your intergalactic escape awaits—grab it now!

Included for free in the bundle


A flat-broke captain. A deadly cosmic device. It's his time to save the universe.

Tredd Bounty's life hasn't been the same since he was kicked out of the Navy. And bouncing between shady jobs and risky missions barely keeps a roof over his head. So when he picks up a rich gig to capture a deadly device that could tear the stars apart, he keeps his incredible power at the ready: the ability to stop time itself…

With his eccentric team of misfits by his side, Tredd flies up against an old sweetheart, a vindictive former commander, and a shadowy force racing toward the same artifact. As they hunt for the extreme weapon, the captain uncovers a dangerous secret that could send them crashing into a fiery supernova. It's a good thing Tredd isn't the only one with hidden abilities.

Can Tredd reach the device in time to save the galaxy?

Starcrasher is the first book in the exhilarating Shades Space Opera series. If you like gritty heroes, alien encounters, and paranormal powers, then you'll love Rock Forsberg's action-packed novel.

Print length: 538 pages
Audiobook length: 13 hrs and 46 minutes

Product Feature

Product Feature

Included for free in the bundle

The Entrant

Young adult science fiction adventure set in the fast-moving world of antigravity racing.

The ARL race craft run on sonic speeds just a few metres from the track and race massive rollercoaster circuits all across the galaxy. It is the biggest sport under the federation.

Zane Silvering, the son of an ARL legend, races in a local antigravity league and dreams of making it big in the galaxy.

On his eighteenth birthday, after being kicked out of his team, an ARL team offers him a position as a substitute of a substitute. Despite the warning signs, he seizes the opportunity, and boards a massive spaceship, the mobile base of a team competing for the galactic championship.

But the life of an ARL racer isn't as easy as he thought. The craft are raw and powerful, the competition relentless—also inside his team—and the game sometimes gets dirty. Just to get to race, he has to beat some of the galaxy's best racers.

And there's more to the team than racing: a group of them run secret missions for the enigmatic owner. Soon Zane works the night-shift as their getaway pilot.

When the day and night jobs meet, he must step out of his father’s shadow, and race, not only for the glory, but for his life.

If you like underdog stories, awe-inspiring galactic trekking, and high-adrenaline racing, The Entrant will keep you strapped to your seat until the finish line.

Scroll up and buy The Entrant now to secure your seat on the ride!

Print length: 340 pages
Audiobook length: 9 hrs 39 minutes digitally narrated

Also in included in the bundle

E-Book Megabundle - ROCK FORSBERG

Spit City Hustle

A Shades Space Opera Short Story

Tristram Boxley, a disgraced captain of the Dawn Alliance Navy, struggles to make a living as a bouncer, until a late-night encounter opens an opportunity to become a bounty hunter.

E-Book Megabundle - ROCK FORSBERG

The Racer

An Antigravity Racing Short Story

A gifted sixteen-year-old antigravity racer gets an opportunity to rise to the global league, but when the competition gets dirty, he must learn that there's more to success than running fast on the track.

From readers

Praise for the books in the getaway

Starcrasher - ROCK FORSBERG

Extremely good universe building. Attention to detail was excellent. One of my top 5 books read for 2022. Highly recommend the read.

Sci-fi fan
E-Book Megabundle - ROCK FORSBERG

The Entrant gave me Formula 1 and Star Wars vibes, and being a fan of both, this book was a real treat to me.

Book Blogger

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